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Are you a Jedi or Sith?

1. Darth Vader was...
a fool
a martyr
2. R2D2 is...
a meddler who should be dismantled
just a robot with the occasional malfunction
strong with the force
3. Snoke is...
just a silly name
wise and to be feared
bad CGI
4. C3PO...
is too eager to please
is well meaning
has identity issues and needs reprogramming
5. Chewbacca...
probably has fleas
is an ewok on steroids
is a member of a noble species
6. Han Solo...
is a notorious smuggler and criminal
is a lovable rogue
was an idiot not to realise his son would kill him
7. Boba Fett...
did what he had to do to get by
is cool (and isn't dead, by the way)
was amoral, lacked judgement and got what was coming to him
8. Princess Leia...
will be forever missed
will live forever in the force
is an eternal queen to me
9. The Jedi...
are pompous and sanctimonious
tend to be geeky
are self-sacrificing guardians of the weak and deserving
10. The Sith...
tend to have the better weapons and style
are tragically misunderstood
should not be underestimated
11. Midi-chlorians...
are an implicitly-racist bloodline-narrative to explain the force
are simply a myth...mistake...mythtake?
are mumbojumbo
12. The Phantom Menace movie...
must never be spoken of again
was Lucas exorcising some of his personal demons
was a worthy, if flawed, effort
13. The Last Jedi movie
was too long (2hrs33mins)
wasted John Boyega
was old-school brilliant throughout
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