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What Do you Really Think of Me?

It's easy to imagine in the future I'll be
A billionaire
Fighting an addiction
Enjoying family life
An athlete
Changing the world
You'd describe me as more of a
In a tough situation, would you reach out to me?
Not likely
If my best friend/partner wasn't available
I might
You'd be my first call
You find me funny
Not Really
You have your moments
Absolutely hilarious
Yeah but more laugh at you
You'd describe my dress style as
You are a fashion show
You get it right sometimes
You don't really seem into fashion
You got 'a' style
At a party I'm
The life of the party
Usually deep in conversation with someone
Hiding from everyone
At a party, yeah right
When I'm struggling
I remain calm and get to work
Wear my emotions on my sleeves
Fall apart
I'm more
School than cool
Cool than school
The thing you think I need to work on the most
My attitude
My education
My fitness
My social skills
You're doing fine in my books
As my friend you'd say
I express genuine care for you
I occassionally express care for you
I sometimes seem caught up in myself
I'm always caught up in myself
{"name":"What Do you Really Think of Me?", "url":"","txt":"Greetings friends! This is a quiz where you get a chance to let me know what you really think of me, anonymously. Please be as honest and helpful as possible., Make my friends laugh, You're really in a bad way, would you reach out to me?","img":""}
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