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Halloween Costume Personality Quiz

When at a Halloween party, you'll usually find me...
avoiding those Jocks - no one wants a wedgie!
discussing Victorian literature with friends
sharing horoscopes with all the party guests
snapping a billion selfies with my gal pals!
wearing an authentic costume, complete with full face makeup
pillaging and plundering my way through the snack table
My favorite Halloween candy is...
I prefer cake
Skittles! I love all those colors!
Now and Later
Pay Day - cha-ching!
Vero Mango Lollipops
Hands down, the best mystery or Halloween inspired movie ever is...
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Sherlock Holmes
Hocus Pocus
The Goonies
My friends would best describe me as...
a clairvoyant
a cutie-patootie
someone who likes to get into trouble
ahead of the trends, for sure
a full blown nerd!
all about tradition and honoring family
My Halloween would be ruined if...
I was unable to scare some trick-or-treakers
something unpredictable happened!
I didn't carve a jack-o-lantern
someone played a prank on me
I didn't get my favorite Halloween candy
I didn't get to hang out with my friends
Halloween is the best holiday ever because...
you get to express yourself artistically and creatively
chowing down on a bunch of free candy is always a good idea
it's a day dedicated to the mysterious and the mystical
you get to dress up like whatever you want!
who doesn't love to dress up and look cute for the day?!
like all holidays, you get to spend the day with loved ones
I shop at Goodwill...
once a week
once a month
four times a year
twice a year
only for Halloween
I've never shopped at Goodwill before
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