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are you an alpha, beta, or omega?

someone bumps into you, what is your reaction?
apologize and walk away
walk away
get mad and blame them
do you enjoy working out?
yes, when I'm alone
yes, when I'm with friends
workout? no thanks
how are you around people?
i'm very talkative and take the lead in conversations
i talk here and there, only when I want to
i just listen
I don't hand around lots of people
are you a leader or follower
I'm a loner, i do what i want
how would you describe yourself
quiet and modest
outgoing and postive
what would you like your fur to look like
rusty red
a pack member betrayed the pack, what would you do
kill them
let someone else handle it, too much pressure
put them in the prison and charge them with correct punishment
exile them
{"name":"are you an alpha, beta, or omega?", "url":"","txt":"someone bumps into you, what is your reaction?, do you enjoy working out?, how are you around people?","img":""}
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