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Advisor Perspectives April 2 Issue

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What are network effect moats?
When the value of product or service increases for its users as more people use it
When a competitive advantage exists for a business
When businesses experience declining costs per unit as scale of operations increase
When a network becomes isolated
What is an ancillary factor to look out for when using the network effect analytical framework?
Geographical network boundaries
Growing user base
Continued value improvement
Technological decline
What is the average amount of time it takes for a yield curve inversion to occur after a market top?
Eight months
One year
Seventeen months
Four months
What is a difference between a safe withdrawal strategy and an annuity?
An annuity leaves no money for bequests after death while the safe withdrawal leaves a large amount
An annuity balances having enough money to live comfortably with not depleting retirement savings prematurely
The safe withdrawal strategy factors in the income you might receive after retirement and reevaluates how much you can withdraw each year based on changes in inflation and portfolio values
Annuities and safe withdrawal strategies are almost identical
What is a result of network effect moats?
Natural monopolies
Declining value propositions
Multiple platforms
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