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HHT can cause different symptoms in different people, even those in the same family.
All people with HHT have nosebleeds.
Migraine headaches are more common in people with HHT than in the general population.
If you have HHT, each of your biological children has a _____% chance of inheriting it from you.
You are the first person in your family to be diagnosed with HHT. Who else in your family needs to be screened for HHT?
A) Parents
B) Siblings
C) Children
D) All of the above
Average time of diagnosis for most people who have HHT is:
A) 3 months
B) 1 year
C) 5 years
D) 27 years
HHT is classified as a rare disease. But is it that rare? How many people have HHT?
A) 1 in 1,000
B) 1 in 5,000
C) 1 in 10,000
D) 1 in a million
A genetic test is available for HHT.
Can a person ever have HHT is neither of their parents have it?
HHT is known as the “Great Masquerader” because many symptoms of HHT are also seen in (or caused by) other diseases. Which of the following medical problems can be caused by HHT? (check all that apply)
Iron deficiency
Abdominal pain
Exercise intolerance
Transfusion dependence
Brain abscess
Brain hemorrhage
Coughing up blood
Blood in the stools
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs)
Red spots (telaniectasias) on the skin
Shortness of breath
Migraine headaches
Abnormal liver function
Lung Hemorrhage
Heart Failure
What are telangiectasias and AVMs (arteriovenous malformations)?
A) Abnormal blood vessels where capillaries are too big
B) Abnormal blood vessels where capillaries are missing
C) Oversized veins or arteries
AVMs (arteriovenous malformations) from HHT in these organs can cause a stroke:
A) Brain only
B) Brain and liver
C) Lung and brain
Many common complications of HHT can be prevented by routine screening for:
A) Brain AVMs
C) Lung AVMs
D) Both A and C
Why is it critical to screen for lung AVMs in women who may have HHT, even if they have no symptoms, before they become pregnant?
A) Untreated lung AVMs are more likely to bleed (rupture) during pregnancy
B) To see if the baby will inherit HHT
C) Lung AVMs cause longer labor
Heart failure in HHT can be caused by
A) Liver AVMs
B) Severe anemia
C) Both A and B
HHT can cause brain abscess due to lung AVMs
Where can you get the best diagnosis, screening and treatment for HHT?
A) An ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor)
B) An HHT Center of Excellence
C) A General Practitioner/Internist
What is the role of Cure HHT?
A) To help create Awareness about HHT for patients and the medical community
B) To work towards a better future for those with HHT through research and education
C) To find treat, and cure HHT
D) All of the above
{"name":"HHT IQ QUIZ", "url":"","txt":"HHT can cause different symptoms in different people, even those in the same family., All people with HHT have nosebleeds., Migraine headaches are more common in people with HHT than in the general population.","img":""}