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---Designed for Women---

I feel most loved when my partner...
tells me how happy he is to be with me and the reasons why
holds my hand when we go for walks
when he is present and willing to listen about my day
assists me with house chores
thoughtfully plans a surprise party for me 
What is your age range?
It is most important to me when my significant other...
and I can share a touch or be affection with each other in public
writes an unexpected note or card telling me how they feel about me
surprises me with a necklace on my birthday
and I spend alone time getting to know each other deeper
goes out of their way to do something that relieves pressure on me
It is most meaningful when...
he has flowers delivered to me when I'm having a bad day at school/work
he plans an intimate date night for us
I hear the words "I Love You" from my love
my partner holds me when I cry
my significant other takes care of me when I'm feeling sick
I appreciate it most when my partner...
praises my character or compliments something I do well
offers to pick me up from work or school
takes a break from "guys night" to spend time with me
gives me a message to help me relax
decides to buy me something I've wanted (out the blue) to make me smile
I feel most close to my partner when...
we snuggle on the couch while watching a movie
we take time out to communicate how we're feeling to one another
we do volunteer work in our community together
we exchange special anniversary gifts
we spend the night-in playing boardgames and enjoying each other's company
Which Love Language do you think you relate to the most?
Acts of Service 
Quality Time
Words of Affirmation 
Physical Touch
Receiving Gifts
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