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Current Events (Last 30 Days)

How many Electoral College votes does a candidate need to be elected President?
150 Million
1 More Than The Other Guy
On what day is a new President inaugurated?
January 20th
November 8th
January 1st
3rd Wednesday of January
Great Britain left the European Union recently, what was the nickname for that event?
Au Revoir
Bye Bye Europe
After a 108 year dry spell, what team won the World Series?
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Indians
New York Mets
Janet Reno recently passed away at the age of 78, she was the first woman to hold what position?
Attorney General
Relief Pitcher
Mayor of New York City
President of Microsoft
There are three branches of the Federal Government, which one of the ones listed below is not one?
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were running for President of the United States along with what other third party candidate?
Gary Johnson
Jeb Bush
Bernie Sanders
Terry Francona
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