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Aqua Noob or Fish Expert?

Plate Fish
White Spotted Fish
Crimson Disc
Redtail Shark
White Tetra
Albino Pleco
Albino Rainbow Shark
Blue Tang
Azure Damselfish
Royal Basslett
Oasis Tetra
Filament Barb
Black Spot Tetra
Pearl Gourami
Orange Gourami
Powder Gourami
Honey Drop Gourami
Cinnamon Clownfish
Red Clownfish
Lightning Maroon Clownfish
Wyoming White Clownfish
Fancy Guppy
Emerald Tetra
Red Belly Tetra
Firemouth Cichlid
Longfin Rosy Barb
Thailand Betta
Balloon Molly
Purple Fire Goby
White Goby
Royal Gramma Basslet
Tri Color Wrasse
Pinnatus Batfish
Coal Eel
Black Ghost Knifefish
Black River Fish
Sunset Gourami
Scaly Catfish
Demasoni Cichlid
Convict Cichlid
Zebra Cichlid
Blue Stripe Cichlid
Oscar Wrasse
Lawnmower Blenny
Reef Goby
Brown Algae Eater
Snowflake Eel
Miniature Moray Eel
Golden Loach
Sand Goby
Anteater Blenny
Elephant Nose Fish
Brown Loach
African Twin Snout
Green Spike Cichlid
Marbled Lionfish
African Water Giant
Grouch Cichlid
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