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Four Market Valuation Methods

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Which is not a general market valuation method discussed?
Crestmont P/E
Regression to Trend
Shiller P/E
Which is an equivalent of the Cyclical P/E ratio?
Crestmont P/E
Shiller P/E
Buffet Indicator
Q Ratio
Which method is the total price of the market divided by the replacement cost of all its companies?
Q Ratio
Shiller P/E
Buffet Indicator
What does the Regression to Trend valuation method tell us?
The percentages above and below the S&P 500 trend line
The variance from the median S&P 500 price for any given time period
How many standard deviations we are from the average P/E ratio
The variance from the average inflation
The average of the four valuation methods gives us insight into the current state of the market. Which chart is highly correlated to 10-year total returns?
Geometric average
Arithmetic average
Geometric four
Arithmetic four
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