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What's Your TK Learning Style?

When I'm stuck on a challenge I....
Reach out to others for their expertise
Engage with colleagues to brainstorm a solution
Approach the challenge from a different direction and develop potential solutions
Research, explore, and refine the results into a potential solution
At a conference, I'm most interested in...
Meeting others and building my network
Discussing challenges and solutions with other attendees
Finding inspiration for a new project
Collecting as much information as possible to add to my professional toolkit
Your friends would describe you as...
The life of the party
Most comfortable in group settings
Always thinking outside the box
Their go-to for trusted information
Which classroom experience is your favorite?
Outdoor Learning
Team Projects
Chemistry Experiments/Lab Work
Formal Lecture
The best way to describe your relationship with social media is...
I'm one post away from influencer status
I love leveraging social media to meet others trying to solve the same challenge
Social media is for inspiration to help make things happen in real life
I like to keep up with what is going on, but I keep my comments to myself
If you weren't in training and development, you'd be a
Publicist helping Hollywood's latest 'it girl' navigate her most recent scandal
Behavioral Therapist helping people in group therapy
Writer working on the next Great American novel
Researcher trying to solve the world's most pressing issues
If you had an impromptu day off, you'd...
Call all your best friends and make the most of it, Ferris Bueller style
Make it a Soul Cycle or OTF day! Nothing like group energy to recharge the soul!
Watch Marie Kondo and get rid of half your wardrobe
Finally dig into one of the books on your reading list
{"name":"What type of Entrepreneur are you?", "url":"","txt":"Pick a hero, When you've got a problem how do you tackle it?, In my free time I am most likely to","img":""}