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How old are you?
What's your virginity status?
Kissless hand-holdless virgin
Kissed, but still a virgin
How would you rate your looks?
What's your height
Under 5'7
Do you have any friends?
No. Friends are fucking useless
No, but I wish I did
1 or 2
Yeah, but I had to put on an act to make them.
Yes, I just naturally make friends,
Have you made an effort at getting dates at some point in your life?
Yes, and I got rejected every time
No, I'm too nervous
No, I haven't. What's the point I already know I'll be rejected.
Yes, and I got some dates out of it
Do you hate women?
Have you ever thought about suicide?
Every day, bro.
Sometimes. I try not to
Do you believe in the blackpill?
Yes, I live it everyday
Yes, I was forced to swallow it by incels
Some stuff. I'm more of a redpill type
No, it's misogynistic and wrong
How do women react to seeing you?
I notice the instant repulsion.
uh, they don't really notice me They're busy with their own stuff
They're usually nice to me if I'm nice to them
They're nice to me due to my looks
I'm invisible to women due to my looks.
Do women deserve the right to vote?
Yes they do. That's just too extreme for me
Have you been bullied?
Yes I have due to my looks
I've been bullied for being quiet
A little. Not too much. It's a normal part of growing up
Not really, no.
I was the bully lmao
How do you think women's lives rate compared to men's?
They live life on super easy mode
I think both men and women have their own personal struggles.
women are oppressed in many ways and have it harder than men
Do you think you will ever find love
Maybe, It will be very hard but I will do everything I can.
There's someone for everyone
I already have.
Is it over?
Maybe. I hope not
I could still improve myself, so no.
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