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"What in the World?" Weekly Quiz -- April 1-7, 2019

Pope Francis is in Morocco on an official visit to highlight Muslim-Christian relations, but during his appearances he is also drawing attention to the North African nation's increasing struggle with THIS issue:

Migration from sub-Saharan Africa to Spain
Religious hate crimes
Child sex trafficking
Domestic violence

In a televised address, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced this week that Indian missiles had shot down one of the country's own satellites from orbit.  The successful test puts India in an elite group of nations with the capability of shooting down satellites in space: What are the other nations in this group?

Russia, Germany, United States
Russia, China, United States
Russia, United Kingdom, United States
Russia, Israel, United States

Saudi Arabia released women's rights activists Rokaya Mohareb, Aziza al-Yousef, and Eman al-Nafjan this week after they spent 10 months in prison on charges related to their advocacy.  What restriction on women did the Saudi government end up abolishing shortly after the three women were arrested last year?


The travel restriction on unaccompanied women
The ban on women's suffrage
The requirement that women wear the abaya, or long-sleeved black robe
The ban on women driving

The British parliament defeated the exit plan Prime Minister Theresa May brokered with the EU for a third straight time, making THIS date the new legal deadline for Brexit. Mrs. May said she would present her deal for yet a fourth vote in order to prevent a "hard Brexit," or one with no agreed upon terms, a situation that could have devastating consequences for the UK's economy: 

April 12
June 15
May 22
July 1

On the eve of municipal elections in Turkey, several candidates and members of THIS party have been detained on suspicion of terrorism, but others from the targeted party say that the arrests are a ploy to reduce opposition to Turkish President Erdogan's party:


The Republican People's Party, aligned with opposition leader Deniz Baykal
The People's Democratic Party, a pro-Kurdish party
The Felicity Party, led by exiled opposition leader Fetullah Gulen
The Freedom Party, a secular party dedicated to a government with no Islamic influence

U.S. President Donald Trump announced that his administration was cutting off foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador because they "set up" migrant caravans. Collectively these three nations are also known by THIS term:

The Central Bloc
The CAM (Central America and Mexico)
The Northern Triangle
The MesoAmerican Group

The ongoing popular effort to oust Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika got an important endorsement from THIS figure, who called on the leader to resign, citing an article in the country's constitution that states that if the president becomes too ill to govern, the office is to be considered vacant:

Moroccan King Mohammed VI
Saïd Bouteflika, the president's brother, and potential successor
Chakib Khelil, the president's right-hand man, and the CEO of Sonatrach, the government-owned oil company
Lt. General Ahmed Gaid Salah, head of Algeria's army, often credited with keeping Mr. Bouteflika in power

Ukrainians will go to the polls Sunday to elect a new president, choosing among a chocolate magnate, a TV star, and an energy tycoon.  Who currently occupies the office of president in Ukraine?


Volodymyr Zelenskiy
Yulia Tymoshen
Petro Poroshenko
Iosif Kobzon

Low-budget airline WOW Air, headquartered in THIS country, abruptly shut down last week, stranding thousands of passengers in North America and Europe:



NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Anne McClain were poised to perform the first all-female spacewalk at the International Space Station (ISS) last week, but Ms. Koch was replaced by her male colleague Nick Hague for THIS reason:

Ms. Koch fell ill
Ms. Koch rotated off the ISS crew just before the walk
There was no spacesuit available in Ms. Koch's size
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requirements dictate that as many spacewalks as possible must be mixed-gender
{"name":"\"What in the World?\" Weekly Quiz -- April 1-7, 2019 - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"The Philippines President walked back comments made in Beijing about a “separation” from a historic partnership with the United States a day after his summit with Chinese leaders where he also called for closer Manila-Moscow ties. In his clarification he said, “It is not severance of ties. When you say severance of ties, you cut diplomatic relations. I cannot do that,\" adding, “It's in the best interest of my countrymen to maintain that relationship.\" WHO is the President of the Philippines?, Just as US-Philippines relations were becoming more strained Vietnam opened the door to a more vigorous American presence in the region when Hanoi announced, through the Defense Ministry, that the country would support U.S. “intervention” in the Asia-Pacific if it would help keep peace and stability. The statement was a milestone in the long road back for US-Vietnam relations from America’s war there that ended with the fall of Saigon ON THIS DATE:, The International Criminal Court (ICC), the world’s first permanent war crimes court, has been under pressure over charges it was pursuing a “neo-colonial” agenda based on 9 out of 10 of its prosecutions having been against African leaders. Last week THIS COUNTRY announced its intention to withdraw from the court after it was criticized for failing to arrest visiting Sudanese President Bashir, wanted by the court for genocide and war crimes.","img":""}