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How Secure is your Data Centre?

How is your Perimeter Protected?
Anti-Climb Fence
Wide Open Space
Non-Security Boundary Fence
Nothing, the public can reach my front door
How often is a Threat & Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) undertaken?
Every 6 Months
Every Year
Every 2 Years
As Needed
Who are your neighbours?
High Profile Businesses
Small Commercial Units
A Controversial Organisation
Large Corporate Offices
How is Security Managed On Site?
Security control room with security team on site
Alarms monitored with a single roving security officer
Dark site with no security response to alarms
Security systems monitored remotely with no local security officer
How do you manage visitors to the Data Centre?
Badge Wearing Policies
How are Contractors/ Cleaners Selected?
How often do you test your Security Systems?
Every 6 Months
Every Year
Every 2 Years
As Needed
What type of response can be expected from Law Enforcement agencies?
1 Hour
4 Hours
Same Day
Next Day
How do you know what the threats to your business are?
Trade Press
Don't know the Threats
How do you monitor the Changing Threat environment?
Regular TVRA
Police Liaison
Social Media
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