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Elton John

Who is the English singer and pianist who famously sings the songs "Tiny Dancer", "Rocket Man" and "Crocodile Rock"?
Elton John
David Bowie
Peter Frampton
James Blunt
What song did Elton John sing for the Disney animated film "The Lion King"?
Can You Feel the Love Tonight
Hakuna Matata
A Whole New World
Colors of the Wind
What is Elton John's birth name?
Reginald Kenneth Dwight
Ronald Peter Yankton
Elliot Jones
John Smith
In February of 1998, Elton John received what honor from Queen Elizabeth?
appointment of Knight Bachelor
a royal blessing
an invitation to the prince's wedding
a horse
What was the name of Elton John's first hit single to reach the top ten charts?
Your Song
Maggie May
Leave and Let Die
Piano Man
Which song did Elton John re-write in honor of the late Princess Diana?
Candle in the Wind
Your Song
Tiny Dancer
What is the name of Elton John's non profit foundation?
Elton John AIDS Foundation
Princess Di Foundation
Rocket Man Foundation
Elton John Music Scholarship Fund
Which Elton John album features the songs "Candle in the Wind", "Bennie and the Jets", "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" ?
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Elton John
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
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