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Reality Television

What television show features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their businesses to billionaire investors like Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran?
Shark Tank
Invest Test
The Profit
Fear Factor
What reality show follows the daily life of the Robertson family, owners of a family-operated business, Duck Commander, ending each episode with a prayer?
Duck Dynasty
American Pickers
Duck, Duck, Goose
The Profit
What reality show, formerly hosted by President Elect Donald Trump, and now hosted by former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is an elimination-style competition to score an internship with a prestigious businessman?
The Apprentice
Shark Tank
The Code Room
What reality game show consists of teams of two racing around the world, collecting clues and tasks, in competition with other teams?
The Amazing Race
The Real World
What reality T.V. show follows the lives of affluent women and has various versions of the show in different parts of the country such as New York, Atlanta, and Beverly Hills?
The Real Housewives
Rich Mamas
Basketball Wives
The Glass House
What reality show gives viewers a behind the scenes look at the daily activities at Las Vegas' World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop?
Pawn Stars
Pawn Shop
Vegas Flippers
Pimp My Ride
What reality television show pairs a celebrity with a professional dancer in an elimination style dance competition?
Dancing With the Stars
So You Think You Can Dance?
B-List Ballroom
America's Got Talent
What reality show introduces 25 women to a single man, and has them compete for the chance to be his future wife?
The Bachelor
Single and Ready to Mingle
Love and HipHop
The Simple Life
What reality T.V. show puts "HouseGuests" in a custom-built home under constant surveillance, with weekly evictions, with the goal of winning a cash prize?
Big Brother
The Bachelorette
The Real World
Top Model
What reality show takes place in an isolated location, where players must provide food, shelter, and water for themselves, and vote each other off until one winner remains?
All Alone
100 Hours
Paradise Hotel
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