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UX Trivia Quiz #3 by Tom Tullis

What's the name of this keyboard layout?
Dvorak Simplified keyboard
QWERTY keyboard
Workman keyboard
Colemak keyboard
Who is this UX pioneer, a professor and author of the books, Designing the User Interface and Leonardo's Laptop?
Ben Shneiderman
Jakob Nielsen
Cliff Nass
Aaron Marcus
Here's a picture of the first computer mouse. Who invented it?
first computer mouse
Doug Engelbart
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
Vint Cerf
According to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, what minimum color contrast is required for text less than 18 points, for level AA compliance?
Who created these iconic designs?
Milton Glaser
Saul Bass
Paula Scher
Paul Rand
Who's the creator of the System Usability Scale (SUS)?
John Brooke
Jim Lewis
Jeff Sauro
Fred Reichheld
In a UX context, what does BERT stand for?
Bipolar Emotional Response Testing
Binary Engagement Relative Testing
Basic Estimation & Rating Tool
Basic Early Recommendation Technique
When was the menu button shown below, also called the Hamburger Menu or Pancake Menu, first introduced?
Assume you did an online usability study with 500 participants and got a frequency distribution of times for one task as shown below.   The median is 21 seconds.  What will the mean be, relative to the median?
More than 21 seconds
Less than 21 seconds
About 21 seconds
Can't say from what is given
Who wrote the book, The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction, first published in 1983?
Stuart Card, Tom Moran, and Allen Newell
Ben Shneiderman
Sid Smith and Jane Mosier
Jakob Nielsen
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