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How well do you know escape room facts and trivia?

What narrative is the most popular escape room theme?
Escaping the unpleasant
Encountering the supernatural
No narrative, just find a way out
Historical event
Escape rooms originated from what country?
United States of America
What city holds the first escape room in the United States of America?
Seattle, WA
Fort Wayne, IN
Boston, MA
San Francisco, CA
What TV show has NOT featured an escape room in an episode?
2 Broke Girls (CBS)
Last Man Standing (ABC)
This Is Us (NBC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
What is the missing number?
{"name":"How well do you know escape room facts and trivia?", "url":"","emurl":1,"txt":"WARNING: This quiz is not for the faint of heart. Do you think you know your escape room history? Prove to your friends, family, co-workers, or children that you know your stuff. Another great quiz from Room To Escape, Fort Wayne, Indiana!","img":"","accounts":"@roomtoecsapefw","hash":"#RoomToEscape #EscapeRoom #Quiz #FortWayne"}
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