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Cosmo Chp 7 Basics of Chemistry and Electricity

Organic chemistry is the study of substances containing:
Examples of organic substances are:
pure water
Matter is any substance that:
occupies space
contains carbon
is soluble in water
is either a solid or liquid
The particles from which all matter is composed are:
elemental molecules
compound molecules
chemical compounds
Two or more atoms of the same element that are united chemically form a/an:
elemental molecule
chemical compound
compound molecule
state of matter
when water boils, it is changing from one state of matter to another, from:
liquid to gas
gas to liquid
solid to liquid
solid to gas
When a physical change occurs in a substance, there is:
a change in physical properties
no change in state of matter
the formation of a new substance
a chemical reaction
The action of permanent haircolor is an example of a:
physical change
temporary change
chemical change
change in state of matter
Water (H20) is an example of a/an:
chemical compound
physical mixture
Salt water and fruit salad are examples of a/an:
pure substance
physical mixture
chemical compound
{"name":"Cosmo Chp 7 Basics of Chemistry and Electricity", "url":"","txt":"Organic chemistry is the study of substances containing:, Examples of organic substances are:, Matter is any substance that:","img":""}
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