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"What in the World?" Weekly Quiz -- Feb 11-17, 2019

A compromise between France and Germany over THIS controversial gas pipeline has settled an EU controversy. The deal concluded that the Russian sourced gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea would not be threatened as a project but stricter controls would be in place.


Nord Stream 2
Gazprom Gas Works
Baltic Gas Route 1
Turkey has increased calls for China to close detention camps where a million of THIS ethnic group are being detained. Critics claim China is running “concentration camps” while Beijing defends the detentions as re-education facilities. The Muslim Turkic-speaking minority group being rounded up in China are:

The Trump Administration has indicated the President will not abide by the Congressional action under THIS law in the case of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The law provides for Congress to give the President 120 days to report on who was responsible for Khashoggi’s gruesome killing in October in Istanbul and as to whether the U.S. would impose sanctions on those responsible.


Global Magnitsky Act
The Corker Amendment
International Refuge Act
The Obama Doctrine

The briefing by the Intelligence Community chiefs led by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to Congress on the annual “Worldwide Threat Assessment” was at variance with positions stated by President Donald Trump, who called them naïve and needing to “go back to school.” Who is the Director of National Intelligence?

Gina Haspel
Dan Coates
LtGen Robert P. Ashley
John Bolton

British Prime Minister Theresa May travels to Brussels again on Monday.  This follows a week of shuttling between the UK, Northern Ireland and Europe.  She’s seeking changes to the current Brexit deal so that it’s acceptable to members in Parliament. THIS is the issue of concern.


EU-UK Free Trade Agreement
EU Fishing rights
Irish border backstop
The status of EU citizens in the UK post-Brexit

Russia and the United States vacated THIS 1987 treaty this week. The US has long accused Russia of violating THIS Cold War agreement.

Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty
Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty (SALT)
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the dispute state of Arunachal Pradesh drawing a rebuke from THIS country which claims the region. The dispute over this region in northeast India resulted in war between the countries in 1962 and visits by Indian leaders there remains contentious.


President Donald Trump said he would meet Chairman Kim Jong-un for a second time to discuss denuclearization of North Korea in THIS city.



THIS U.S.-backed group launched an attack on an Islamic State stronghold in eastern Syria on Saturday aiming to wrest control of the last of the militant group’s “caliphate.”


Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)
Raqqa Liberation Force (RLB)
Sinjar Alliance (SA)

The Ikea company has apologized for leaving THIS Oceanic nation off a map known as the BJÖRKSTA available in its stores. Apparently THIS country is left off maps so often there is an online registry of such occurrences known as the Maps Without (It) sub-Reddit.

Papua New Guinea
New Zealand
{"name":"\"What in the World?\" Weekly Quiz -- Feb 11-17, 2019", "url":"","txt":"The Philippines President walked back comments made in Beijing about a “separation” from a historic partnership with the United States a day after his summit with Chinese leaders where he also called for closer Manila-Moscow ties. In his clarification he said, “It is not severance of ties. When you say severance of ties, you cut diplomatic relations. I cannot do that,\" adding, “It's in the best interest of my countrymen to maintain that relationship.\" WHO is the President of the Philippines?, Just as US-Philippines relations were becoming more strained Vietnam opened the door to a more vigorous American presence in the region when Hanoi announced, through the Defense Ministry, that the country would support U.S. “intervention” in the Asia-Pacific if it would help keep peace and stability. The statement was a milestone in the long road back for US-Vietnam relations from America’s war there that ended with the fall of Saigon ON THIS DATE:, The International Criminal Court (ICC), the world’s first permanent war crimes court, has been under pressure over charges it was pursuing a “neo-colonial” agenda based on 9 out of 10 of its prosecutions having been against African leaders. Last week THIS COUNTRY announced its intention to withdraw from the court after it was criticized for failing to arrest visiting Sudanese President Bashir, wanted by the court for genocide and war crimes.","img":""}
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