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New York City

What large US city is known as "The Big Apple," "The City that Never Sleeps" and "The City So Nice, They Named It Twice"?
New York City
Originally written for and performed by Liza Minelli, which famous crooner covered the song "New York, New York" for his 1980 album "Trilogy: Past Present Future " and made the song his own?
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Tony Bennet
Tony Danza
Which NYC park covers 843 acres and contains a carousel, children's zoo, amphitheater and over four miles of bridle paths?
Central Park
Gramercy Park
Lincoln Memorial Park
Hudson River Park
Isaac Stern and a group of music lovers fought to save which world famous music hall that hosted Peter Tchaikovsky in 1891 for its first concert?
Carnegie Hall
Madison Square Garden
Stern Theater
Apollo Theater
Made up of 19 buildings on 22 acres in midtown Manhattan, which NYC location hosts an ice skating ring each winter under a statue of Prometheus?
Rockefeller Center
Central Park
NBC Studios
Brooklyn Bridge Park
What is the name of the NYC museum, affectionately nicknamed "The Met", the largest art museum in the Western Hemisphere, that covers 32 acres filled with paintings, unique art pieces and an Egyptian temple?
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of Modern Art
Museum of Contemporary Art
NYC is made up of five boroughs: Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and which other borough, home of the Yankees Stadium?
The Bronx
Long Island
Jersey Shore
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