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Let's Get Quizzical Week 2

What colour light would you expect to find on this mark?
Alternating blue and yellow lights
Blue flashing light
Yellow light
No light
Nautical charts that show the most detail of a small area, such as a port or internal waterway, are ____ scale charts
On leaving a port, would you keep this mark to your left or to your right?
To your left
To your right
Depends on whether there is another buoy near it
To the south
A map of the sea bed and shoreline, used for marine navigation, is known as a _____.
Water map
Nautical chart
Aeronautical chart
Where on your track are you if you see these leading lights?
I am to the right of track
I am exactly right on track
I am to the left of track
What colour and sequence would you expect to find with these navigation marks?
Red flashing light
Two quick white flashes
Red and white isophase flashing
2 long flashes every 6 seconds
The range of a tide is the________.
Distance the tide moves out from the shore.
Maximum depth of the water at high tide.
Difference between the heights of high and low tide
Depth of water at low tide
If you lose forward motion from being in the no sail zone, you are where?
Up the creek without a paddle
In irons
Aground and should back the jib until the keel is loose
Sailing in the groove
Your sailboat is being overtaken by a powerboat. What is the situation?
You are the stand on vessel.
Sailboats always have the right of way over powerboats.
You should strike the colors.
You are the give way vessel.
Vertical clearances, such as bridges, will always be shown on tidal area charts measured at what?
Low tide
A height designated by the Coast Guard equal to the median clearance at high tide divided by the median clearance at low tide and multiplied by two.
Sea level
Mean high water
Ships and airplanes use which type of compass?
Magnetic compass
Pressurised compass
Gyroscopic compass
Gate compass
For the sake of maintaining uniformity in buoyage system worldwide, IALA divided the world into two regions
International and European
Regions A and B
Northern and Southern Hemisphere
Covid and Non-Covid Countries
A storm warning forcast is issued if the average windspeed is expected to be at least....
48 knots
38 knots
55 knots
35 knots
What do the blue lines on this chart mean?
Areas of equal height
VHF channels to be used in this area
Underwater mountain range
Areas of equal depth
What does a white light over a red light indicate?
Fishing boat
At anchor
Towing boat
Pilot onboard
What does the symbol surrounded by dotted lines with PA next to it mean?
Partially submerged wreck where part of it can be seen above the water.
Wreck, least depth known obtained by sounding
Wreck at which the masts only are visible at low tide
Wreckage which may show part of the wreck through the surface of the water. Its position is approximate.
What colour and sequence is the light for this buoy?
Yellow lights, any rhythm not used for other lights
Yellow light quick flash
White light, any rhythm not used for other lights
No light
Where would you find this mark?
Port side of channel
Starboard side of channel
Entrance to a channel
Marking a preferred channel
How high is Fastnet Lighthouse?
27 metres
28 metres
49 metres
14 metres
What is this cardinal mark telling you?
Safe water is to the East
Safe water all around
Safe water is to the North
Safe water is to the West
{"name":"Let's Get Quizzical Week 2", "url":"","txt":"What colour light would you expect to find on this mark?, Nautical charts that show the most detail of a small area, such as a port or internal waterway, are ____ scale charts, On leaving a port, would you keep this mark to your left or to your right?","img":""}
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