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"What in the World?" Weekly Quiz -- Nov 26-Dec 2, 2018

A major report on the consequences of climate change was released by the U.S. Government on Friday. The worrisome conclusions of the 1,656 page report mirrored the 2014 study but provided additional clarity on THIS prospect.

Climate change will cost the U.S. economy about 10 percent of its value by the year 2100.
Climate change will result in an increase of twelve inches to the mean sea level on America’s coastal regions.
Climate change will accelerate rural to urban population migration of about 1.5 billion people by the year 2050.
Climate change negative consequences will reach an irreversible tipping point by the year 2030.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May made major progress in Brexit deal-making over the weekend with THIS development.

The parliament of Northern Ireland agreed to London’s terms for north-south border terms.
The British Parliament voted to approve May’s proposal for a EU-UK trade pact.
The European Commission endorsed a treaty setting terms for UK withdrawal.
The UK agreed to return Gibraltar to Spain opening the door for unanimous EU agreement on Brexit.

An American missionary was killed by tribesmen with a history of repelling outsiders when he illegally landed on North Sentinel Island in THIS area.


Greater Mauritius Islands
Diego Garcia Islands
Seychelles Islands
Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A major showdown lies ahead in the British Parliament when Prime Minister Theresa May seeks agreement on a treaty with the European Union on Brexit. The main opposition Labour Party will likely stand against the deal. WHO is the leader of the Labour Party in the UK?

Boris Johnson
Nigel Farage
Jeremy Corbyn
David Cameron

An attack on a Chinese consulate in THIS south Asian country followed pushback on a major economic corridor initiative including access from China to the port of Gwadar as part of the “Belt and Road” initiative as well as growing Chinese influence.


Sri Lanka

Madrid briefly attempted to use contentious negotiations over a UK-EU Brexit agreement to advance its argument to return Gibraltar to Spanish control.  Which of THESE statements regarding Gibraltar is NOT true?

Gibraltar is commonly referred to as “The Rock”.
Gibraltar will remain in the EU when the UK exits.
Gibraltar has been a British territory since 1713.
Gibraltar is home to a strategic British military installation.
Almost one-year since the submarine San Juan with 44 crew members was lost the ship’s wreckage was found on the ocean floor. The San Juan was part of THIS country’s Navy.
South Africa
Puerto Rico

Which of these statements concerning North Korea developments last week is NOT true.


The International Atomic Energy Agency indicated Pyongyang was expanding its nuclear arms program.
The latest relationship building between the North and South leaders was a gift of a pair of North Korean hunting dogs, dubbed “Doggy Diplomacy.”
Pyongyang and Seoul have agreed to start direct commercial air links starting in Summer 2019.
The UN Security Council approved connecting rail links between North and South Korea.

In last week’s developments in the Khashoggi Affair a Turkish newspaper claimed a CIA wiretap was a smoking gun of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s direct involvement in the assassination. The CIA Director went to Turkey to meet with authorities shortly after the murder in Istanbul. Who is the CIA Director?


Michael Pompeo
Michael Hayden
Gina Haspel
John Brennan

China-US trade, meetings with Presidents Xi of China, Putin of Russia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman headline President Trump’s agenda at the Group of Twenty (G-20) meeting later this week. The gathering of the twenty leading economic powers will be held in THIS city.

Buenos Aires
{"name":"\"What in the World?\" Weekly Quiz -- Nov 26-Dec 2, 2018 - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"The Philippines President walked back comments made in Beijing about a “separation” from a historic partnership with the United States a day after his summit with Chinese leaders where he also called for closer Manila-Moscow ties. In his clarification he said, “It is not severance of ties. When you say severance of ties, you cut diplomatic relations. I cannot do that,\" adding, “It's in the best interest of my countrymen to maintain that relationship.\" WHO is the President of the Philippines?, Just as US-Philippines relations were becoming more strained Vietnam opened the door to a more vigorous American presence in the region when Hanoi announced, through the Defense Ministry, that the country would support U.S. “intervention” in the Asia-Pacific if it would help keep peace and stability. The statement was a milestone in the long road back for US-Vietnam relations from America’s war there that ended with the fall of Saigon ON THIS DATE:, The International Criminal Court (ICC), the world’s first permanent war crimes court, has been under pressure over charges it was pursuing a “neo-colonial” agenda based on 9 out of 10 of its prosecutions having been against African leaders. Last week THIS COUNTRY announced its intention to withdraw from the court after it was criticized for failing to arrest visiting Sudanese President Bashir, wanted by the court for genocide and war crimes.","img":""}