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Teen Programs at MIMPA

This will be your Teen's...
Very first year at MIMPA
2nd-3rd year at MIMPA
4th + year... MIMPA is their life
First year at MIMPA but they have taken classes elsewhere
They have expressed an interest in....
Acting, singing AND dancing
Not sure yet...
Does your child have any experience performing?
Not yet
They perform all the time around the house
They have taught themselves some numbers off YouTube
Once or twice on stage
My child LIVES on the stage!
How self-motivated is your child?
Squirrel! What?
It's a bit of a chore to get them to practice
They practice so much I have to tell them to take a break
They will practice if I remind them
Which statement best describes your child?
It can be difficult to convince them to try something new
They don't like large groups
They are shy at first, but will warm up eventually
Extremely confident and outgoing!
How do you view their class time?
Music gives them an outlet
They need to be physically active
They really want to be with their friends and work towards a goal together
They are considering the Arts as a possible career
These programs give them confidence and drive to push themselves to be their best
Keeps them out of trouble
Lastly, how much time do you want to commit to coming to class?
30-45mins a week max
2.5 hours a week max
3+ hours a week - They want to move in!
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