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This 1970s sitcom featured Potsie, The Fonz, Chachi, Ralph Malph and Richie. What show was it?
Sanford & Son
Happy Days
Love Boat
Laverne & Shirley
What city was Happy Days located in?
Milwaukee, WI
Des Moine, IA
Philadelphia, PA
Detroit, MI
What was the name of the diner that served as a hangout in Happy Days?
The Happy Burger
What was the Happy Days theme song played at the beginning of every show?
American Pie
Rock Around The Clock
Happy Days
American Graffiti
What was Fonzies full name?
Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli
Vinny Von Fonzarelli
Jonny 'Fonzie' Johnson
James Allen Fonzie
At the time the show ended in 1984, who is Richie Cunninghams wife?
Lori Beth
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