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What is my Mind-Body Type?

My face shape is...
Oval, long, or narrow
Square and/or angular
My eyes are...
Moderate in size and/or deep set
Large or wide
My eye gaze is...
Subtle and/or darting
Direct, and/or piercing
Soft and/or gentle
My nose bridge is...
Thin and long / narrow
Moderate in length to width
My lips are...
Thick and full
My skin is...
Thin- you can easily see my veins
Moderate- not thin and not thick
My skin is...
Dry- I regularly apply lotion
Slightly oily- I tend towards redness, rashes, or acne
Soft like a baby's butt and/or my skin can be clamy or moist
I'm normally always...
Cold- I bring a sweater with me everywhere
Hot- I need it cold and the fan on while I sleep
My complexion is more...
Dusty gray or lack luster
Ruddy or rosy
My hair is...
Dry, coarse, or brittle
Slightly oily, fine, smooth, or early graying
Oily, dense
My hair is...
Thin, or sparse
Moderate in thickness
Thick and dense
My body is more...
Ectomorph, thin, or irregular (long legs, long fingers, scoliosis etc.)
Mesomorph, athletic, moderate, easily build muscle
Endomorph, curvy, strong and solid
My speech pattern is more...
Quick, sporadic, enthusiastic, talkative, or jump from subject to subject easily and quickly
Direct, concise, clear, and/or efficient
Slow, thoughtful, melodious, or monotone
Decision making:
I'm either impulsive or indecisive. If it's about something I deem important, then I'll feel anxiety and avoid or put off making the decision.
I make decisions easily. I pick the more practical or efficient approach and will change my mind if I'm presented with new information. Sometimes I can also be a bit of perfectionist and want to make the "right choice".
I'm laid back about making decisions. I don't often feel any need to rush to a choice.
My appetite is...
Variable: Sometimes I'm really hungry and other times I'm not. I can forget to eat at times and can get light headed or spacey if I miss a meal.
High: I don't skip meals. I can get hangry if a meal is missed.
Low: I eat because it tastes good and I'm not bothered if a meal is missed.
My elimination is a darker brown and/or I tend towards dry, pellet like poop or constipation.
I eliminate more than once a day. My elimination can be a yellowish or green, and/or I tend towards loose stool or diarrhea.
My elimination is a slow process. I tend to only eliminate once and it's rather substantial. I tend towards mucousy stool.
I tend more towards airy gas, bloating, and/or abdominal pain after eating. Especially if I eat raw food or salads.
I tend towards smelly gas and/or burning indigestion or heartburn after eating. Especially if I eat spicy foods.
I tend towards feeling heavy and sluggish after eating. Especially if I eat heavy, greasy foods.
I sleep lightly and sometimes have a difficult time going to sleep.
I sleep sound but may wake up a few times during the night especially if its hot. I also tend to stay up late working.
I sleep like the dead. Nothing can wake me up. I love sleep.
I often have flying, falling or fearful dreams, or fantastical- out of this world.
My dreams tend to be realistic like, violent, firey, or work related.
My dreams tend to be romantic, and/or sexual. I also dream about eating.
Under stress I tend to feel ... more often
Overwhelm, worry, anxiety. I want to run away from it all.
Focused with some anger and/or agitation. I make a plan of action.
Quiet, more reclusive. I want to just "stay still".
I tend to avoid projects that I'm not interested in. OR I'm easy to start projects but I can get bored and move to something else before I finish the previous.
I get everything done as efficiently as I can. If I start something, completion is important. I tend to want to work by myself.
I have a tough time starting projects. I'd rather group projects.
Others view me more as...
Inspiring, creative, enthusiastic, bubbly, spacey, or "all over the place"
Driven, ambitious, serious, goal oriented, or intense
Care-free, relaxed, loyal, like a big teddy bear, leisure like or sometimes lazy
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