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Plug Surface Preparation and Mold Surface Maintenance Quiz

Which of the following is the best to use when trying to seal your plug?
Lacquer Primers
Gel coat
Which of the following is an advantage to using Duratec Surfacing Primer?
It can be rolled on
It has an indefinite shelf life
It fills imperfections
It comes in different colors
What can you add to your tooling gel coat to improve gloss retention and impact resistance?
Duratec hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive
Duratec Grey Surfacing Primer
Which of the following is a type of mold repair?
What can you spray over your mold to protect it if you intend to store it for an extended period of time?
Spray Paint
Gel Coat
Polyester Resin
What is a Class “A” finish?
Perfectly polished high luster surface free of scratches
Sandable Gel Coat Surface
Surface with a final layer of polyester resin
Surface with many imperfections
Which of the following is a powerful solvent that you can use to clean the surface of your plug?
Gel Coat
Duratec Grey Surfacing Primer
Which of the following can maximize the gloss retention on your mold?
Using A Quality Release Agent
Sanding after every part you pull
Washing with water and soap
All of the Above
Which of these products can be used to upgrade the surface on your mold if it is deteriorating?
Duratec hi-Gloss Gel Coat Additive
Mold Polish
Duratec Grey Surfacing Primer
Which of these products should be used with the two step mold polish when polishing your mold?
Buffing Pad
Acid Brush
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