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Which money mindset mistakes do you make?

If you go into a clothes shop do you......
Look for designer labels and branded clothing?
Happily browse for ages, picking up lots of different items?
End up buying something for a loved one?
Quickly go to the item that you need, buy it and leave?
How often do you check your bank balance?
Only when I think I might be getting close to having none left!
Every week
Every day or every few days
Do you ever borrow money from family and friends
Yes, all the time!
On the odd occasion
Rarely - it's more likely that they will borrow from me!
What is your favourite thing to do when you spend time with your friends?
A lovely meal, followed by a classy pub or club
A fun night round at my house
Anything that doesn't affect my ability to save for my future
I am up for anything, as long as it involves money and fun
When buying things do you think about whether or not you can afford them?
Mostly, though the odd time I might just buy it!
I mostly do, but if I see something for a loved one I am easily tempted
I don't know whether I can afford it or not, and if I want it I will buy it
If I see something fantastic then I will buy it
Do you read reviews before making a purchase?
Not often
Never - I just buy things when I see them
Always for big purchases, not really for smaller things
Sometimes, if I am making a big purchase
If you have any money left over at the end of the month do you spend it or save it?
Try to save it, but most often it gets spend on other people
Sometimes save, but most often spend it
Money left over at the end of the month - are you joking?
I always save it or invest it
Which phrase best describes your attitude towards money?
Money lets me do fun things and enjoy life
Money buys me nice things
Money lets me treat the people that I love most
Money provides security
Apart from food and bills, what do you spend most of your money on?
Sensible investments for my future
Days out, socialising and holidays
Clothes, gadgets and shiny stuff!
Other people
If you hear the word budget, you immediately think......
cheap! Budget holidays, budget hotels, budget airlines!
I know exactly how much I have coming in and how much I can afford to spend each month
restriction, fear and negativity (and a wee shiver just went up my spine!)
Aaargh - I will have to work out how much I spend on presents
How do you feel about your financial future?
I haven't given it much thought
I have started to think about it, but I don't worry too much about it
I hope that I can still afford to buy nice things and have a nice lifestyle
I am fairly confident and hope that I am well prepared for my future
How would people describe your attitude towards money?
Sensible and practical
Fun and carefree
Generous and loving
Extravagant and expensive
How do you feel about debt?
I don't think about it - though maybe I should!
I detest being in debt - it scares me, so I have none
Everybody that I know is in debt, so it doesn't bother me
I really don't like debt, so I try to stay out of it
Have you ever used a financial advisor to help you to make decisions?
No, I wouldn't know what to ask them
Yes, though only because I wanted to make sure I had enough protection for my family
No, I don't have any money, so why would I want one?
Yes, I always make sure I get good financial advice before I make any decisions
When you purchase a new household appliance do you....
Choose the one that looks easiest to operate!
Have a wander round the shop and choose one that I think will be the best for us
Read a lot of reviews and make a choice based on value for money
Choose the one that looks fantastic, despite the fact that it is the most expensive
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