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Take the 3 minute “Ugly Truth” Leadership Quiz 

Empathy - If one of your staff lodges a semi-trivial complaint against one of their colleagues, do you
Listen and act
Pretend to listen and act
Refer them directly to the HR department
Relocate them next to each other so they can sort it out
Change - Which statement do you agree with the most?
Never underestimate the time and effort required to implement successful change
As a leader, sometimes you have to change something good in order to make it your own
Change management is another passing fad
I support people that oppose change because they keep me gainfully employed
Why can't everyone just be reasonable and do it my way?
Delegation - Do you delegate using email?
No, I usually talk directly to them
Yes, more often than not
Yes, and I use the reminder function, alerts, flags and colour codes
No, I don't delegate
No, I ignore email
Meeting Management - When you run a workgroup meeting do you...
Meticulously plan and prepare
Wing it and rely on your improvisation abilities
Somewhere in-between the previous two
Delegate to someone else to run the meeting to help their personal development
You don't run workgroup meetings
Providing feedback - How often do you typically provide positive feedback to your team?
Not enough
At their scheduled performance review discussion
When you receive a positive email about the person you on-forward it to them immediately
Your team generally gives you nothing positive to feed back to them
Recruitment - When you need to hire someone do you
Actively pursue your target in parallel to undertaking an un-biased equal employment opportunity recruitment process
Customise your selection criteria to match your targetted candidates key attributes
Involve others in the decision-making process
Involve and listen to others in the decision-making process
Actively enable a process that minimises or eliminates gender, age, ethnicity and other biases in the selection process
Dismiss unconscious biases as these do not exist in your organisation
Negotiation - Which of the following negotiation statements resonates with you the most
If I agreed with you we would both be wrong
The person who says they will meet you halfway usually thinks they are standing on the dividing line
When a person says they approve something in principle it means they havn't the slightest intention of putting it into practice
Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument
Rather than us agreeing to disagree, why don't you just be quiet?
I'm not arguing with you. I'm simply explaining to you why I am right.
Connection - How much do you typically know about your staff outside of the office
I know their husband/wife, kids, pets, interests and medical problems
I know where they live (but not in a creepy way)
I'm vaguely confident they like Game of Thrones
I know why they shirk off early on Tuesdays and Thursday....something about sports practice, or crochet class, or something?
I know their last name
Does he/she work for me?
{"name":"The 3 minute “Ugly Truth” Leadership QuizAre you a Rockstar Leader? - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Empathy - If one of your staff lodges a semi-trivial complaint against one of their colleagues, do you, Change - Which statement do you agree with the most?, Delegation - Do you delegate using email?","img":""}