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Minister Health Survey (thanks to Kyle Shrum for this week’s survey)

Do you pay attention to your health?
How often do you exercise?
I am on a regular routine that I keep religiously
I practically NEVER miss a day
I try to exercise but do not make it often
I rarely exercise
I don’t! (Unless walking to the fridge during commercials counts)
I make it most days
I am on a diet
I pay attention very carefully to my calorie intake or some other diet plan
I sort of watch it
I try but fail a LOT
I do not diet!
I am pleased with my current weight
I struggle to gain weight
I struggle to lose weight
I am more than 25 pounds over the weight I should be at
What is the biggest obstacles you face in this effort?
Finding the time to diet
Eating when traveling
Please Specify:
I feel better today about my health ROUTINES than I did a year ago
How does your health affect you?
Health limitations affect my ability to minister
Guilt from my weight affects my confidence
I feel that my health has affected my ability to get certain jobs
{"name":"Minister Health Survey (thanks to Kyle Shrum for this week’s survey) - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"Do you pay attention to your health?, How often do you exercise?, I am on a diet","img":""}