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Which Yogi Are You?

What is your favorite part of a yoga class?
Ab work
Noticing my psoas working
I can't choose, it's all good
Focusing on my breath
I am happiest when I leave a yoga class
Calm and peaceful
Tired and sore
Better understanding how to do a posture
Sweaty and joyful
having challenged myself and allowed myself to rest
I started yoga because
I wanted to get in shape
I was stressed out
I needed to heal my body
I needed to heal my heart and mind
I liked that it benefits the mind and body.
What I love most about being a yogi is
I'm able to turn off the chatter in my head while I'm practicing
the community
how strong and flexible I've become
how much more I know about how my body works
that I can challenge myself physically, or move slowly and meditatively, or learn something new sometimes all in the same class.
{"name":"Which Yogi Are You?", "url":"","txt":"What is your favorite part of a yoga class?, I am happiest when I leave a yoga class, I started yoga because","img":""}