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More Hebrew!

What does mitzrayim mean?
The Promised Land
What is the maggid?
The reading of the seder
The telling of the Exodus story as part of the seder
The reading of the Psalms as part od the seder
The reading of the Beano
What are Arba Kosot?
five sons
four cousins
four questions
four cups
What is Chametz?
anything made of matzah, ie not permitted to eat during Passover
anything which is yummy
anything leaven, ie not permitted to eat during Passover
What does Dayeinu mean?
Is will never be enough
It would have been enough for us
We will always remember
Enough is enough
What is the Hallel?
the time it takes to complete the seder
the Psalms of praise sung as part of the seder
the story of the Exodus, told during the seder
the name given to food eaten while listening to the story
What is the Kaddesh?
the blessing over the story
the blessing over the bread
the blessing over the wine
the blessing over the food
What is the Yahatz?
the wine split onto the plates
the blessing on the bread
a greeting for Passover
the name for the breaking of the matzah
What is Lechem panim?
Bethlehem Prince, of Prince of Bethlehem
Face of Moses
Bread instead of Wine
Bread Face, or Bread of the Presence
What does A zissen Pesach mean?
a sweet Passover
a sweet evening
a sweet holiday
a sweet nothing
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