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Am I Ready For a Dog?

Do You Really Want A Dog?
I guess...
Of course!
Not really now that I think about it
How Big is Your Backyard?
I don’t have one
Small and fenced in
Small and not fenced in
Medium and fenced in
Medium and not fenced in
Large and fenced in
Large and not fenced in
How Much Time in Your Day Are You at Work?
I don’t work, and have TONS of time
I work for around 3-4 hours a day
I work at home for as long as I need
I work for around 5-6 hours a day
I work longer than 8 hours a day
I’m rarely home because of work
If You Are Going On Vacation, Where Will Your Dog Be?
At a kennel
My dog will come with me!
I don’t plan to go on vacation
A friend will come over around once a day
How Many Hours a Day Will You Dedicate to Training?
My dog doesn’t need to be trained
I can do 15 minutes max
Half an hour will do
An hour or more, I want my dog to be the smartest in the room!
How Much Time a Day Will You Dedicate to Exercise?
I don’t have time
I can do 15 minutes max
Half an hour will do
An hour or more, I like an active dog!
What Is The Reason You Want a Dog?
So I can tell my friends I have one
An exercise buddy!
Something to dress up
No reason
For emotional support and company
I Will Let My Dog Run in Any Open Field!
Where Will Your Dog Be When You Are at Work?
Remember, I don’t have work, and I will supervise my dog!
In the backyard leashed up to the fence/pole
In it’s crate
It will be free to explore the house and backyard
In a room
I Won’t Socialize My Dog With Humans or Other Dogs
How Big Is Your Living Space?
Small Apartment (Under 500 square feet)
Good Sized Apartment (Over 800 square feet)
Good Sized House (1,000-1,500 square feet)
Large House (Over 1,500 square feet)
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