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Is Your Frog In Hot Water?

When was your last hardware refresh?
(servers, switches, desktops, upgraded and replaced)
We just purchased new systems
1-3 years
4-6 years
I am not sure
How often are the devices on your network serviced and maintained?
At least once a month
Not on a regular basis
I don't think they ever have been
What is the average response to your IT issues by tech support?
Less than one hour
1-3 hours
3 hours or more
Up to a day or more
How confident are you in the skills of the current IT support your company is receiving?
Very confident
Somewhat confident
Not very confident
No confidence at all
How much of your technology is in the cloud?
None, we still have an in-house email server.
Just our email is in the cloud.
Our email and backup are in the cloud.
Email, backup and our data is stored in the cloud.
How much do you allocate to technology in your budget?
We don't have a technology budget
We budget whatever we paid last year
We budget less than 4% of our gross revenue
We budget 4% or more of our gross revenue
{"name":"How old are you systems (average)? - Take the Quiz", "url":"","txt":"How old are you systems (average)?, How often do you revise your operations?, This is question three","img":""}