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Come & Knock On Our Door (Three's Company)

What is the title of the 1977-1984 sitcom starring John Ritter that was about three roommates with a theme song that starts, "Come and knock on our door. We've been waiting for you."?
Three's Company
The Facts of Life
The Ropers
Happy Days
Who are the three characters who make up "Three's Company"?
Janet, Chrissy, & Jack
Joyce, Suzanne, & John
Rachael, Monica, & Ross
Will, Grace, & Jack
Who is the actress, and fitness buff, who played the ditzy, blonde character, Chrissy?
Suzanne Somers
Jane Fonda
Goldie Hawn
Kirstie Alley
The apartment Chrissy and Janet lived in was not permitted for co-ed living. What did they tell the landlord to allow Jack to live with them?
Jack was gay.
Jack was Chrissy's cousin.
Jack was Janet's brother.
Jack was their butler.
What was the name of the Three's Company spin-off show, centered around the landlord's new life in a affluent community?
The Ropers
The Jeffersons
Movin' On Up
In what city was Three's Company set?
Santa Monica
San Francisco
Jack was an aspiring chef and Chrissy a secretary. What was Janet's profession?
High School Teacher
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