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Sandra Bullock

What is the name of the gorgeous Hollywood actress who won an Academy Award for her performance in the heart-warming football film "The Blind Side"?
Sandra Bullock
Kate Segal
Betty White
Courtney Cox
In which film did Sandra Bullock play an undercover FBI agent turned beauty pageant hopeful?
Miss Congeniality
27 Dresses
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
13 Going on 30
In which animated film, a spinoff of Despicable Me, did Sandra Bullock provide the voice of super villain, Scarlet Overkill?
Jurassic Park
Beauty and the Beast
Who was the tattooed motorcycle enthusiast to whom Sandra Bullock was married from 2005-2010?
Jesse James
Steve McQueen
Harley Davidson
Paul Teutul
In which film did Sandra Bullock get lost in space with George Clooney?
Apollo 13
Houston We Have a Problem
Sandra Bullock, born in America, has dual citizenship in what other country?
What is the name of the comedy that has Sandra Bullock playing an uptight boss looking to marry her assistant, played by Ryan Reynolds, for residency reasons?
The Proposal
Marry Me?
Two Weeks Notice
Sandra Bullock starred and served as executive producer for what 1998 film about a newly divorced single mother navigating matters of the heart?
Hope Floats
Fools Rush In
Nine Months
Anywhere But Here
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