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Which spinach-loving sailor man hero made his comic strip debut in E.C. Segar's comic strip Thimble Theatre in January of 1929?
Donald Duck
Homer Simpson
Mickey Mouse
Which love interest of Popeye love interest has a number of family members that appeared in the original comic strip, including a brother named Castor and a father named Cole?
Olive Oyl
Minnie Mouse
Alice the Goon
Which magical pet, featured on Popeye and known for traveling anywhere, may have inspired the name for a brand of off-road vehicles that debuted in 1941?
Eugene the Jeep
Hester the Jet
In early comic strips, Popeye gained his special powers by rubbing a magical hen named Bernice, but which vegetable became famous for powering Popeye?
Which iconic comedic actor received his first leading film roll by starring in the 1980 live-action film Popeye?
Robin Williams
Richard Pryor
Gene Wilder
Will Farrell
After boosting spinach sales by 33% in the Great Depression, the spinach industry in Texas repaid Popeye by making him the first cartoon character in history to have what honor?
A statue
Lead the Rose Day Parade
A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
A Macy’s Day Parade balloon
Which arch-enemy of Popeye briefly changed his name to Brutus in the 1960s for legal reasons?
Which production company, named after its most popular Jazz-era flapper inspired character, gave Popeye his big screen premier in 1933?
Betty Boop
Tom and Jerry
Looney Tunes
Minnie Mouse
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