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The Simpsons

What primetime cartoon follows the life of Homer and his working-class family living in the city of Springfield?
The Simpsons
Scooby Doo
Family Guy
What is Homer Simpson's beehive sporting wife's name?
Marge Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Peg Simpson
Harriet Simpson
What instrument does Lisa Simpson play?
Which Simpsons character frequently utilizes the catchphrases "Eat My Shorts", "¬°Ay, caramba!" and "Don't have a cow, man!"?
Bart Simpson
Homer Simpson
Moe Szyslak
Ned Flanders
What is the name of the store owned by optimistic Simpsons' neighbor, Ned Flanders?
The Leftorium
Bikini Shop
Da Buzz Club
Crazy E.T.'s Phone Home
Who is the creator of the Simpsons series?
Matt Groening
Seth MacFarlane
Jack Fulk
Jim Henson
Homer Simpson works as a safety agent at what facility?
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Springfield Shooting Range
Springfield Ranch & Farm
Springfield Skydiving
What is the name of the clown that hosts Bart & Lisa's favorite animated TV show?
Krusty the Clown
Bozo the Clown
Ronald McDonald
Mr. Happy
What is the name of Homer Simpson's evil boss?
Mr. Burns
Mr. Smithers
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