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How laggy is the auto-selected server for you?
good (little to no lag, good server choice)
somewhat laggy ( I have to change the server to make it better)
very laggy ( I can change the server to make it better)
very laggy (no matter which server, still terrible)
Which browser do you play with? (Chrome is reccomended)
Internet Explorer
Safari on iPhone/iPad
Please Specify:
How are the new video ads (CHECK ALL YOU AGREE WITH) (shown when you click play) (Understand that ads are needed to pay for development/ servers :) )
They are okay, mostly not too annoying (I try to limit the # of videos a user sees)
They show up at a fair interval (not too often that it's annoying)
They happen way too often
They make me anticipate respawning even more! (muahaha)
They are interesting to watch/ not bad once in a while as a break
They are always too long to watch
I prefer fullscreen ads (the whole screen goes black, a video plays) rather than the video in the center of the screen
If I can't skip an ad, I'll leave the game
How well do the new video ads work on your computer? ( I want the best user experience for players)
They appear, and the videos play properly after a few seconds
The ad tries to load, but always closes without playing a video
They don't appear at all (I don't have any adblocker)
The ad won't load, and I have to refresh to play again! (I don't have flash!)
The ad loads, but the video/ skip button is cut off (i cant click it!) (Smaller screen)
Did you know that refreshing the page loses your "+xp on spawn" ?
no, didn't know
What's "+xp on spawn"?
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