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Classic Television Pt 2

Which 1960s sitcom starred Eva Gabor and centered around A New York City attorney and his affluent wife attempting to live as farmers in the small town of Hooterville?
Green Acres
Beverly Hillbillies
Leave it to Beaver
Happy Days
What show followed the misadventures of a US astronaut after he discovered a magical creature living in a bottle?
I Dream of Jeannie
The Munsters
The Addams Family
Which 1960s TV series followed a new money country bumpkin family after they moved to a mansion in southern California?
The Beverly Hillbillies
Dukes of Hazard
Green Acres
F Troop
Which classic TV show follows the life of amily man, Jim Anderson, his wife Margaret and their kids Betty, Bud and Kathy?
Father Knows Best
The Andy Griffith Show
Leave it to Beaver
My Three Sons
What 1960s TV show was about a widow and her daughters running a hotel on the in a small rural town?
Petticoat Junction
All in the Family
Mister Ed Mister Ed VIEW SHOW
Which classic TV series followed the lives of a beloved family of monsters led by the patriarch, Herman?
The Munsters
Monster Mansion
The Twilight Zone
The Addams Family
Which TV show was about Porter Ricks and his companion bottlenose dolphin living in Florida?
Free Willie
The Keys
What satirical TV show followed Agent 86 and his partner, Agent 99, as they battled the evil forces of KAOS?
Get Smart
My Favorite Martian
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