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UX Trivia Quiz #6 by Tom Tullis

The System Usability Scale (SUS) is a popular tool for measuring the perceived usability of something.  Which of the following is NOT one of the statements used in SUS?
It took too many clicks to get to what I wanted.
I think that I would like to use this system frequently.
I thought there was too much inconsistency in this system.
I would imagine that most people would learn to use this system very quickly.
Who wrote the popular book about web usability, Don't Make Me Think?
Steve Krug
Don Norman
Susan Dray
Jared Spool
A 1982 paper about "Composing Letters With a Simulated Listening Typewriter" included this diagram to illustrate the method of the study. Participants thought they were dictating to a computer, but they weren't. What do we call this method today?
Wizard of Oz Study
Training Wheels Study
Cooper/Martin Study
Star Trek Study
Who is this UX pioneer? She founded World Usability Day, is a past president of UXPA, and received its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.
Elizabeth Rosenzweig
Marilyn Tremaine
Carol Barnum
Whitney Quesenbery
As of 2017, what city has hosted more CHI conferences on Human Factors in Computing Systems than any other?
What's it called, in typography, when two or more letters or graphemes are joined together to form a single glyph, as in these examples from Adobe Caslon Pro?
At one point in his career, this famous designer worked on the design of such items as microwave ovens, toilets, drills, and toothbrushes. Who is he?
Jonathan Ive
Dieter Rams
Philippe Starck
James Dyson
Assume you conducted a usability study and found that participants took an average of 5 minutes to complete a given task using Design A but an average of 11 minutes using Design B. What test might be appropriate to determine if that difference is statistically significant?
Pearson test
Likert test
Who designed these logos (among many others)?
Paul Rand
Saul Bass
Stefan Sagmeister
Paula Scher
In 2002, researchers at Microsoft presented a technique for learning about desirability and other emotional responses to a system. It involves users picking terms from a list of 118 (e.g., engaging, patronizing, friendly) which they think describe the system. What's this method called?
Product Reaction Cards
Engagement Testing System
Bipolar Emotional Response Testing
Likert Scale Testing
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